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Key Signs Your Roof Needs Immediate Attention

Protecting a domestic or commercial roof is vitally important for a number of reasons. A roof is a substantial investment, if you don’t take good care of it and carry out regular checks, it will deteriorate quicker than normal or fall apart unexpectedly. A residential roof takes care of your property and more importantly your family. A commercial structure takes care of your business and ensures you are ready to operate on a daily basis. Whether you need roof maintenance or a quote for an external rendering cost in Ayr, you must get in touch with an experienced roofer.

A skilled roofer can deal with an assortment of roofing issues, some of which include:

  • Complex leaks
  • Commercial roofing damage
  • Improper maintenance
  • Ponding water
  • Roofline streaks

A roofing expert can fix all kinds of problems with domestic and commercial roofs, here are three of the most common issues faced by property owners.


The most common problem you’ll encounter is usually a leak. Some leaks are easy to notice while others can be difficult to find. More obvious leaks are easy to identify, such as ones which stain your interior décor, but other can be tricky to find.

Shoddy Workmanship

If your roof is struggling because of poor installation or substandard repairs, you must call a roofer who has a proven track record and all the right certification.

Water Pooling

This occurs on flat roofs in both residential and commercial settings, if you notice a problem, call a roofer immediately.