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You don’t need Scary Chemicals to keep your Home free from Pests

Everyone wants a pest-free house. Unfortunately, most people don’t like using nasty, stinking chemicals. Studies show that most pesticides are highly toxic. In addition to harming and killing bugs within your home, these chemicals also pose a health hazard to your loved ones. If you notice some spiders in your yard, call a professional in spider control in Vail for help. These experts can implement natural pest control strategies that don’t involve the use of toxic chemicals.

It’s to seal your home

Pest control experts recommend the implementation of excellent integrative pest management (IPM) strategy. According to a recent study done by Environmental Health Perspectives, a single IPM treatment is more efficient than regular applications of pesticides. Note that these strategies focus on preventing pests from entering your property.

Inspect your property, repair door, and window screens. Seal all the cracks in your kitchen and bathrooms using silicone caulk. Also, check other cracks and holes in your home and plug them using the right materials. Remember, rats can wriggle through small holes. Therefore, use steel wool, cement, and other materials. After all, rodents can chew their way through rubber, plastic, wood, and vinyl.

Keep your home clean

After fortifying your house, the next important step is to eliminate shelter and source of water and food for these pests. Remember, these are the basic resources they need to thrive. If you realize that there are holes in your floorboards, consider replacing them before termites and ants can infest the rotting material. Do you have stacks of old paperwork piled up in your basement or garage? It is wise to recycle them or dispose of them off before rodents shred these papers and use them to create nests.

If you have been cutting corners with your keeping your home cleaning, you got worse things to fear than just gossipy next door neighbors. Rodents, termites, spiders, and other creepy-crawlies will notice that you have created a great home for them and move in. Remember, termites can bring an entire building down, rodents can damage cereals and anything they can chew, and some spiders are venomous.

To keep vermin away from your home, take out the garbage daily, keep your utensil clean, and keep your trash bins clean all the time. Keep ripe fruits inside the refrigerator and avoid leaving leftover foods uncovered during the night. Get your pets’ beddings cleaned once weekly to prevent flea infestation. It is also recommended to fix leaky faucets and pipes. Remember, damp places are perfect breeding areas for pests.

It’s time to fight them

No one wants to share their precious, cozy homes with rodents, bedbugs, spiders, and other pests. But integrating pest management practices require you to think twice before killing bugs. For example, bees pollinate crops that produce about 30% of the food crops consumed globally.

However, this doesn’t mean you must spend the rest of your life with pests in your home. Contact an expert in pest control to help you fight pests using less harmful ways.