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How to Choose the Perfect Tap for Your Bathroom

The bathroom tap is not an item that enough people give enough thought and consideration to when designing a new bathroom. It can make all the difference in adding the finishing touches to an overall bathroom design, and if the wrong choice is made it can have the negative effect of taking the eye away from all of the beautiful design that has been carefully installed through the major bathroom items such as the bath, shower, basin and bathroom furniture and cabinetry. When you are choosing a tap for your bathroom don’t just think of the functionality, consider a few other elements too. There is no good putting a modern tap into an otherwise traditional bathroom design, and if you have installed a beautiful, elegant Victorian bathroom, add the finishing touch with taps that match that style.

One of the first considerations to make is to understand the water pressure in your house, and specifically in the bathroom the taps are being installed in. The water pressure will make a big difference to which type of tap you should choose for your bathroom, as a wall-mounted tap or mixer require a much higher level of water pressure than two separate taps that are mounted directly on a basin. Speak to a plumber and understand the best taps for functionality at this point.

A little detail that can make all the difference to the success of a tap is the size of the hold for the water pipe and tap to be installed. Measure the hole carefully in the basin and the washstand for both hot and cold taps. This is vital before moving on to choose the style of tap that you would like to install in your bathroom.

The style of tap will depend on many other factors, but primarily it should be chosen in order to match or at least complement the aesthetic of the entire bathroom. It can be looked at from both angles. If, after seeking professional assistance from a plumber over the water issue pressure and measured the holes in the basin, it turns out that it makes little sense to go for a certain style of tap, should you go ahead with following that same design style with the rest of the bathroom but leave the taps in a completely different style? Or should you follow the rest of the design and take that as your lead? It really depends on your personal circumstances, style ideas and budget. There is almost always a compromise solution when faced with problems of this nature.

The material used to make the tap and the finish are crucial components of whether or not it fits in with the rest of your bathroom design. Always make sure that the highest quality of material is being used to cover future consistent and intensive use and that the surface won’t suffer damage easily over time. Working with high quality suppliers will help you to find the bathroom tap that complements your bathroom aesthetic perfectly.