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Most Common Air Conditioner Issues Homeowners Face – Top Ways to Prevent Them!

Air conditioners keep us cool and comfortable in summer. In fact, they are a boon especially during scorching summers in Phoenix.

However, there can be times when they fail to operate well or break down. At such times, we rely on expert professionals dealing with AC repair Phoenix, isn’t it? However, you too should have some basic knowledge about the common issues in it before you call them to ensure you are getting the service you actually need. Read on to know more about them.

Electric control failure

The fan controls and compressor may wear out over time especially when your AC turns off and on frequently. In many of the systems, corrosion of terminals and wire is an issue too. Therefore, electrical contacts and connections must be checked during professional service call.

Refrigerant leaks

In case your AC is quite low on refrigerant, it can be either because it was undercharged or it simply leaks. In case it leaks, just adding refrigerant isn’t sufficient. An expert technician must fix any kind of leak, then test repair, and charge system with right amount of the refrigerant.

It should be remembered that efficiency and performance of your AC is highest when refrigerant charge matches manufacturer’s specification exactly. Refrigerant leaks can be quite harmful to environment. So, make sure to get them fixed.

Sensor issues

Generally, there is a thermostat sensor in room air conditioners. They are placed behind control panel. Its function is to measure temperature of the air that is coming to evaporative coil. In case the position of this sensor is compromised or knocked out, your AC can behave erratically. Therefore, the sensor must be near coil, but shouldn’t be touching it. So, make sure to adjust its position properly by bending wire that is used for holding it in proper place.

Another most common issue is improper operation. In case your AC is turned on, make sure to close all your doors and windows. When it comes to room air conditioners, ensure isolating the group of the connected rooms from rest of your space.

Faulty installation, inadequate maintenance, and poor service procedures are other such common problems. In fact, improper installation of central AC can lead towards low airflow and leaky ducts.

The manufacturers of Air conditioners normally make high quality and rugged products. If your AC fails or encounters any issues, make sure to contact a professional and trained technician.