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What you should know about Bed Bugs and their Elimination

You house may be infested by bed bugs. However, are you aware how to identify bed bugs? Bed bugs are small, brownish, oval insects. They would feed on the blood of humans and animals. An adult bed bug would be about the size of apple seed and have a flat body. However, after feeding, the bed bugs would swell and become reddish in color.

Identifying bed bugs

Bed bugs would not fly. However, they would move quickly over walls, ceilings and floor. It would be pertinent to mention here that female bed bugs would lay hundreds of eggs that would be no more than a size of speck of dust. The immature bed bugs are known as nymphs. These would shed skins nearly five times prior to reaching age of maturity. They would feed on blood prior to every shedding. In event of the conditions are favorable to them, a bed bug would develop fully in slightly over a month time. It would produce nearly three or maybe more generations annually.

Despite les punaises de lit deemed to be a huge nuisance for the household, it would not be wrong to suggest that they would not transmit diseases. However, the bed bug bite could be very uncomfortable to the people.

Where would bed bugs usually hide?

Bed bugs would enter your home undetected. They could transport themselves into the house using luggage, clothing, used couches and beds or anything that could be used for transporting bed bugs. They could fit into anything using their flattened bodies. They would crawl into tiny spaces about the width of credit card. It would be worth mentioning that bed bugs do not have nesting areas, similar to bees or ants. They would prefer living in groups in their hiding places. Their initial hiding places would be typically in mattresses, bed frames, box springs and headboards. They would have ease of access to but people in the night.

With passage of time, they would scatter through the bedroom, moving into unprotected location or crevice. They may also spread to nearby rooms and apartments as well.

Eliminating bed bugs

In case, you were looking forward to eliminating bed bugs, you should be searching for the best in business bed bugs exterminator. They would be handling bed bugs infestation in the right manner with strong pesticides and state of the art techniques. You may not be able to handle bed bugs infestation as a professional does.