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Standard Windows Sizes Canada

When determining the size and type of windows for your home replacements, you have to be acquainted with what standard window sizes Canada and if you are going to need typical or custom windows work. The sizes for common windows depends on various aspects such as the space where they are going to be installed.

However the average window sizes depend wholly on the era or the time when the windows were manufactured along with the use of the windows. It is obvious that these window sizes will be different for different spaces, but most of the sizes lie in between the common windows manufactured by builders and contractors. See the web link here for more to learn more about standard window sizes.

  1. Standard House Window Size Canada

When determining standard window sizes Canada for your home, you have to measure all your needs that may need replacement. When doing so, you will know that all windows are not standard in sizes. Normally the window measurements for a basement, kitchen, and the bathroom will vary considerably. Bay or bay windows will also have different sizes. It is also advisable you invite a window expert to measure the windows for you. Some companies offer free measurement services.

  1. Wood Or Vinyl Windows

Depending on the time when the home was constructed, it will either have wood or vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are the modern styles in standard window sizes Canada. They are found in a variety of sizes. They come in standard home window sizes of the height ranging from 18 -36 inches, and the width of 18-48 inches.

Wood windows are also common especially in vintage homes that remain true to their times. However, the biggest challenge is that you cannot get standard window sizes Canada. They are also susceptible to rot and decay.

  1. Double And Single Hung Windows

These two window designs are popular options among many homeowners. Single hung windows appear like two windows mounted vertically. They either open up or down. However, there is a single pane that doesn’t open at any time. They also come in different sizes. When planning to replace your windows, it is important to choose standard window sizes rather than choosing custom or specialty windows.

  1. Casement Window Sizes

Standard home window sizes for casement window comes in a wide range of variety. They are either double or single framed. The main distinction between double hung and single hung casement windows is that the casement window open outwards. Due to the way they open, most of them don’t have screen. However, there are some with a screen but they are opened by a crank.

  1. Basement Window Size

Basically, basement windows are shorter compared to standard window sizes. They are made smaller so to fit in the smaller space on the top of the foundation. Most of these windows are either vent windows or sliders.

  1. Bedroom Windows

Standard window sizes vary depending on the era of manufacture.