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Everything A Homeowner Must Know About Repairing Furnaces!

Furnaces and HVAC systems are expensive appliances and components of your home, and it only makes sense to spend on yearly checks and maintenance. In this post, we will talk about some of the common issues with furnaces in particular and how you can hire the right furnace repair company for the job.


Issues with furnaces

Modern home heating systems are designed to be energy efficient and highly functional, but even the best models can fail at some point. More often than not, lack of regular maintenance is the reason behind common problems. Unexpected breakdowns and repairs can be avoided if you spend on yearly checks. In case of furnaces, common and generic problems are often related to the filter, which can get dirty with time and may restrict the air flow. This can create unwanted pressure on the system as it would need to work more to ensure enough warm air gets into the room.

Any issue with the mechanical parts can also trigger heating problems. It is best to call up a technician and get everything checked, because some of these parts, such as fan motor, may require replacement. There can be additional problems with the ignition control, which can prevent even heating. Most new systems use either intermittent pilot or hot surface ignition, and the repair work must be done keeping the system in mind. The device that controls the furnace is the thermostat, and if it doesn’t work as expected, you may not get the warm air as expected.

Hiring a company

Your first preference should be recommendations. Ask your friends, colleagues and neighbors about the services that they have tried so far. When it comes to furnace and air conditioner repair services, experience and expertise counts. Here are some of the things to check and ask for.

  • A company that has been serving the HVAC industry for years should have enough clients and must offer references on request. Call up a few clients and check on Google to know what other clients have to say about their services.
  • Get an estimate. Back a few years, contractors would charge an hourly rate for repairing jobs, but that’s not the case anymore. You can expect to get an upfront estimate in advance, which will include all expenses, including cost of replacement parts.
  • Ask for warranties, if applicable. If some components are being replaced, you may get a warranty on these parts. In some cases, contractors also offer a warranty on the repair job being done. Always check the terms and conditions in detail before signing the contract.
  • Check their credentials. Contractors are required to get licenses and permissions as applicable for the industry. The company you choose should have a physical address and must be quick with response.

  • Emergency services and a competent team. Technicians working on HVAC systems and furnaces must be certified, trained and insured, and every contractor is expected to have an in-house team. The company should also work around the clock and must offer furnace repair services 24/7 as needed.

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