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Pros and cons of bathtub refinishing: Find all details here!

For the uninitiated, bathtub refinishing is the process of fixing common bathtub damages. You may also hear the term called re-glazing or refurbishing, which typically mean the same thing, although the work may or may not include all the steps related to bathtub refinishing. Read on to get more info on the pros, cons and other aspects.

How does bathtub refinishing work?

Generally, bathtub refinishing is focused on renew the functionality and look of a bathtub. This starts with cleaning the bathtub and managing all the surface stains, mineral deposits and soap scum. After this, the bathtub is cleaned properly again and all the visible chips, cracks are repaired using the right product. Finally, a bonding agent is used, which helps in fixing the new coating to the surface of the bathtub. The coating is usually the last step in the process. Many bathtub refinishing services don’t do all of that and just focus on the coating and gloss, which isn’t a great idea, because the underlying chips and cracks are going to cause problems soon after.

The good

There’s no denying that refinishing is a great way of restoring old and worn-out bathtubs. This is a rather a simple process, which hardly takes around four to five days, and you can use the bathtub soon after. The cost of the job is a fraction of what is otherwise spent on replacement. Replacing a bathtub often requires a complicated removal and disposal process, following which considerable remodeling and plumbing work must be done to fit in the new tub. Refinishing does away with all that. The company you hire will take care of the entire process and minimize any damage to other parts of the bathroom. Also, bathtub refinishing is a great way to defer investment in a new tub, which is something that many homeowners have in mind.

The bad

To be fair, the cons of bathtub refinishing is hard to point out, except that many services don’t get the job right. As such, you have to be cautious about the company hired for the work. Also, refinished bathtubs must be cared for, so there’s no way you can skip maintenance.

Other things to note

You can always click here to find services in your area. Start by looking for companies that can fix most problems of old bathtubs. The estimate should be offered in advance and must include & mention relevant expenses. It is also a good idea to check the reviews of the concerned service, and as required, you can ask for a few references, as well. Most bathtub refinishing companies have a list of things or steps that they do to restore bathtubs. Check the same in advance and ensure all damages, including chips and cracks are repaired before the final coating is done.

If done right, bathtub refinishing can increase the use of your old bathtub by 15 or more years. Hire the right service and you would have a new bathtub within a week!