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Easy to Follow Propane Tanks Maintenance Tips and Safety Measures

Propane is committed to give you a safe and healthy life. However, just like every other product propane products also need maintenance to serve you longer and better shell life. Regular maintenance and repair helps you secure your space and enjoy long term service from the products. We have some common maintenance tips and guidelines for you to follow to keep your propane tanks intact.

Propane tank maintenance tips and safety measures:

  • Avoid bringing propane tanks inside the house. Storage, refill, and regular inspections are convenient to carry outside the house. You may store the tank only in case if it is not in use or totally empty. Storing these tanks inside the house may raise the temperature which could lead to hazardous conditions.

  • Keep the tanks outside on a flat surface which is already 10 feet at distance from your grill accessories or other flammable objects. You need to be extra careful with houses that have pets, babies, toddlers, elder citizens, and physically challenged people.
  • Avoid storing your tank in the basement, attic, shed, or any covered area. Also, avoid keeping the tank in your vehicle. Surround your tank with bricks or barricade so that it is not accessible from anyone in reach.
  • Fix your tank in an upright position. Stabilize your tank properly in order to avoid slipping, tripping, or leaking of the gas. Upright position keeps your tank to be in a safe position and freeing you from the risk of any potential dangers or damage.

  • Get your tank inspected regularly. These tanks are highly flammable and thus propane tanks need to undergo regular inspection to ensure there is no leakage of the fuel. The inspection is strictly advisable to those who are using the tank for over 10 years. Every 5 years, a qualified professional inspects your tank and advise you on whether you can continue to use the same tank.
  • Always confirm if the gas is not overfilled. If your propane tank is leaking, there are possibilities of the tank being overfilled. Get the tank weighed properly and dial the help center for any emergency situations.
  • Weigh your tank to calculate the level of propane pressured in the tank. Mostly, all propane tanks have a tare weight. There is a stamped number that tells you how much the tank weighs when it is empty and how much it should weight when full.