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Few Ways Of Using Bath Bombs Outside Of The Tubs

People are mostly using bath bomb in their bath tub to swirl the water with color. There is also fragrance of scent of essential oil which can moisturize your skin too. However there are many who does not like to take bath in their tub and rather prefer to use shower.

We will discuss in this article few different ways to use bath bombs where no bath tub is used for bathing and yet enjoy the fragrance of this new bathing experience.

  • Use drawer sachet

This is something that you can do it yourself. You can use an organza bag and just throw a bath bomb in the bag and suitably tie it up with your drawer in the bathroom. Your drawer will give an amazing smell that you can enjoy which taking your bath.

There is another much simpler way, if you want to spice up your bath experience with bath bomb, where you just tie the bag containing the bath bomb with the head of your shower. When shower stream will flow it will also allow the scent of the bath bomb to release its fragrance with the stream and your bath will really be very enjoyable.

  • Place the bath bomb on floor

Another way while you take shower bath where you can place the bath bomb on the floor of the bathroom near the tub. As the water stream hits the bath bomb it will not only fizz but also release its scent in the shower. Though you cannot enjoy the moisturizing effects of the bath bomb however your bath will really be enjoying because of soothing smell of the bath bomb.

  • Place the bomb in a decorative bowl

This will help you to keep your bathroom with nice smell. Just keep few bath bombs in any decorative bowl. In case you have any bath bomb with lavender scented then you can use your organza bag and place it next to your bed. You will feel relaxed by lavender scent as you sleep during night.

  • Use bath bomb as Deodorizer

Yes, the bath bomb can also be used as very effective deodorizer by keeping them in your bathroom or in your stinky shoes or place them in the closet. You can also keep inside the car to have fresh smell by placing it under your seat.

There are many way you can use this bath bomb outside the bathtub which you can invent yourself.