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Blast Proof Window Film as Part of a Wider Design

Window film has continued to be developed over the years to improve on different types of qualities. A drastic improvement in standards of blast proof window film for example has led to its application in a variety of locations, building types and industries and has become part of the wider design and discussion when putting together the security of any premises.

There are a number of reasons why you should start to include blast proof window film as part of the discussion about building design as a matter of standard.

Blast proof window film has evolved to ensure that should the window it is applied to be struck with force or suffer from a blast at close proximity it won’t shatter and splinter. In these circumstances anyone in the interior of the glass and most at risk of suffering injury are protected. Blast proof window film turns the pane of glass into a shatterproof commodity, saving those on the scene from potentially lethal injury as the glass will not shatter, splinter and fly into the room, directly into those present.

All companies will have important assets, documents and valuables on site and the blast proof window film is an important added security layer that will boost your business security system. It offers high levels of strength and durability, and should an attempted break in take place, even with the most blunt force the window that the film is applied to would be extremely difficult to break through. This offers a good deterrent to burglars who will always be on the look out for premises with a quick and easy entry point in order to minimise his or her chances of being caught in the act of theft.

Accidents can happen in any walk of life and there is a always a chance that there could be a collision with the glass at your premises from outside in the form of a pedestrian, machinery or vehicle, or from inside with staff members accidentally falling over and into the glass pane. Shatterproof, blast proof window film ensures that should the window be accidentally struck with a hard force it is unlikely to cause serious injury, rather it will just be a matter of the persons pride being wounded. In terms of a car accident that is taking place outside, shatterproof window film protects those sat inside from suffering serious injury from flying glass.

Block Out Harmful UV Rays – Blast proof window film doesn’t just protect and keep the glass pane form shattering upon impact, it also helps to block out harmful UV rays. Direct natural sunlight that is consistently shining through an office window will cause glare on computer screens and distract employees, it will make the office space too hot on occasions and also over time begin to fade furnishings. Blast proof window film as the added bonus of protecting from all of this.