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Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems – Why You Should Make the Switch

You’ve probably heard about ductless cooling and heating systems, and you might have seen those small, indoor devices set up high on walls in office buildings, restaurants and homes. But beyond that, here are a few things you should know about ductless Units in Paramus NJ.

They provide highly flexible solutions

Traditional central air conditioning and heat pumps force heated and cooled air through ducts, whereas ductless systems directly deliver the air into targeted zones. Ductless systems are made up of a one or more indoor units and a small outdoor unit. All they need is to be mounted and to have access to electricity.

Also referred to as split-ductless systems, multi-split systems, or split systems, ductless heating and cooling offers property owners an affordable means of replacing electric baseboard heaters, space heaters, and ineffective window units.

Ductless installations in Paramus NJ can be installed in apartments, condominiums, new construction, and home additions for the purpose of improving control of temperatures in certain rooms. Such systems can even be installed in building that are already using ducted forced-air air conditioners.

They are cost effective

One of the biggest motivations behinds many homeowners’ switch to ductless heating and cooling is cost savings. The cost of utilities in the US have risen considerably in recent years. If you’re home temperature relies on an inefficient system, you monthly bills may go through the roof.

Ductless systems don’t consume as much power as traditional ducted systems. This is because they are smaller and they deliver the temperature controlled air directly into the room, with no loss in efficiency. Additionally, multi-split systems let you create zones in your house or office, meaning you no longer have to heat or cool unoccupied rooms.

Furthermore, you may be eligible for utility rebates or tax credits for the year you install these systems. Numerous programs at the local, state, or federal level allow property owners to benefit from these additional savings.

They improve the quality of indoor air

In most cases, the quality of air indoors may be lower than that of outdoor air. The air ducts in traditional HVAC systems must be regularly cleaned by professionals and, even then, allergens and dust may be left behind. On the other hand, ductless Units in Paramus NJ provide multi-stage filtration that considerably reduces particulates in the air, such as allergens, pollen, bacteria, and dust.

They are quick and easy to install

Traditional HVAC systems can take many weeks to install, disrupting activities in your home or office. Installation of ductless systems is far less disruptive and, depending on how many outdoor and indoor units you’re setting up, they can be operating at full capacity in a day’s time.

Ductless installations in Paramus NJ use small pipes that need a hole as small as three inches. You therefore need not worry about redoing ceilings and walls around ductwork, plus you get to save precious storage space.

In conclusion, taking these and other advantages of ductless systems into account, it is clear to see that making the switch from traditional HVAC systems to ductless systems is a wise decision.