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Types of Roof Lantern for Your Home

Choosing to add a roof lantern to your home extension is a beautiful choice as you are definitely improving the aesthetic and atmosphere in a special section of your property. There are a number of types of roof lantern that you can choose from, and by working alongside specialist roof lantern and skylight professionals the installation process can be swift, accurate and leave you with a real dream view from your relaxing space.

Depending on the type of property you have, and whether you are looking to add a roof lantern to an existing structure or as part of a new build, either a full home or extension, there are a number of options for roof lanterns for you to choose from as an excellent addition to your home. Let’s take a look at them.

Traditional Roof Lanterns Traditional roof lanterns are made using hardwood or timber primarily and are usually designed to be a pyramid or rectangular shape. The shape and size always depends on the location and specifics of the installation, and although the specific style of a traditional roof lantern can change the framework remains the same.

Contemporary Roof Lanterns – Contemporary roof lanterns can be made to bespoke measures and are perfect for the more modern of property. It would be an unbalanced aesthetic to install a traditional timber roof lantern in an otherwise modern and sleek home, and that’s where these designs come into play.

Architectural Roof Lanterns – The difference between an architectural lantern and a traditional roof lantern in the amount of light and space that is brought into the room. With an architectural roof lantern above you there is a real increase in the airiness and clean feel to a room. So whether you want to use the space as a winter hideaway or a summer relaxation space there will be plenty of light and air.

Curved Roof Lanterns Sometimes a roof lantern can be designed and installed that doesn’t quite match the specifications of the exterior of the property. It’ll look great, for sure, but maybe there is scope to add even more light and air into the room? That is where curved lanterns can make a real difference, with the timber and glass design adding a bit of style to your property, expanding the amount of light through an exact match with the specifications at hand.

Hardwood Roof Lanterns – Coming in a wide range of styles, a roof lantern made of hardwood is designed to last a long, long time. What makes oak or timber roof lanterns last is that it is a material that is solid, of the highest quality and, even better, has the maintenance properties that ensures it is easy to clean and look after. Your hardwood roof lantern will last as long as you do in your current home!

As you can see there are a few choices of roof lanterns for every person looking to add some light, air and space to their home. When working with roof lantern specialists always ask for the full range and you’ll be guided as to the most suitable for your project.