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4 Ways Contact Paper Can Add Class and Style To Your Home

You have probably used contact paper to line your kitchen or bedroom or bathroom drawers and protect the wood from damage.  But did you know that you can use contact paper in many other creative ways—in the Cuisinerosemere.com kitchen and many other spaces in your house—especially now that you can find contact paper in many bold patterns, and even customizable.

Bigger and Bolder Drawers

Sure, you probably already have some contact paper lining drawers all over your house but it probably is just whatever was cheap or convenient.  You can get more creative by coordinating the color or pattern (or both) of your contact paper with the color of the furniture it lines, or to match the pattern of your wallpaper.  It could be quite a pleasant surprise to open a drawer to find that it matches the rest of the room!

Make another Bold Statement

If you really think about it, contact paper can also make an excellent stencil. Just formulate a shape or design on a large sheet of quality contact paper and then cut it out to apply to the wall in your den or master bedroom for home design that is truly special (and easy, to boot).

Coordinated Stairs

A lot of people overlook their stairs when considering home décor options, and that is such a waste!  Much like the pleasant surprise you could find from well-coordinated, contact paper-lined drawers, guests in your home might also come to love how the color of your stairs correspond with the walls or other elements of the space.  And, sure, you can paint your stairs, but paint is so permanent! And it is messy!  Contact paper is easy to mix and match and coordinate and, perhaps most importantly, easy to change out later.

Make a New Backsplash

It can also be easy to overlook the importance of a well designed backsplash in your kitchen. Make sure you don’t do this, as a well designed back splash can really pull your kitchen together.  Of course, that can be complicated and lots of hard work; unless, of course, you just take some thoughtful contact paper and line the wall with it, instead of trying to add a fresh coat of paint. You might be surprised how well it works, both aesthetically and functionally.  Better yet, if you don’t like it, you can start over with something else (and you won’t have to wait for the paint to dry).