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What Is a Flush Sash Window?

The windows of your house have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic look of the place. The style of the windows dramatically affects the whole outlook of your home. Older twentieth century windows in modern houses can create a beautiful marriage of the old and new. Some houses have larger windows, while others have smaller frames. It primarily depends upon the style of the construction and the overall design of the place. Larger windows are generally preferred in most houses throughout the UK because they allow more natural light into the house.

Natural light in the house is very important, and can affect the interior décor of your place. One of the most common styles that you will find in many houses throughout the UK are flush sash windows. Flush sash windows, also known as flush casement windows, are generally quite popular. They are relatively affordable and look very good, making them an excellent choice. You can find authentic heritage timber windows from Reddish Joinery.


The flush sash window generally sits flush within the frame, thus making it utterly indistinguishable from conventional timber frames. They are primarily used in conservation and heritage in most houses. It offers a contemporary feel and also allows natural light into the house. If you are looking to replace the windows in your home, flush sash windows offer plenty of advantages. Here are some of the key benefits that they offer as compared to other windows. These windows have hand-made joints and feature gorgeous timber styling around the sides. These windows also have elegant handles and are available in plenty of different colours as well.

Energy Efficiency

Your windows allow excessive amounts of energy to escape into the atmosphere. During the winter, the heat within the rooms usually escapes through the windows. You should get window glasses that have double glazing and should also pay attention to the frame of the windows. Flush sash windows are available in PVC and uPVC variants, thus making them an excellent choice for most houses. You will notice a sharp reduction in your utility expenditure on a monthly basis after getting flush sash windows installed in the house. The double-glazed glass prevents air from escaping through the windows. During the winter, your rooms will remain warmer for a longer period of time, and during the summer, the windows will prevent the outside heat from entering the rooms of your home.

Easy to Maintain

Since they are made from PVC material, these windows are extremely easy to maintain and aren’t easily damaged. They are resistant to weather conditions and in case the windows get dirty, all you have to do is take a simple cloth and wipe them clean. The fact that they are so easy to maintain makes them an ideal choice for people who don’t have much time to focus on house maintenance. You can browse through the options available at many different home improvement stores and then choose the windows that are best for you.