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7 Incredible Tips For Better Pool Maintenance

Having a pool at home can be a big benefit. Apart from your swimming sessions, you can spend time with the family or just enjoy a session with friends. However, a major concern is related to cleaning and upkeep. Most home owners rely on cleaning services for pool maintenance, which are honestly expensive and aren’t really adequate for regular cleaning. This is the precise reason why buying a pool cleaner is a better idea. Here are some quick 7 tips for help.

  • The first step is to look for known models from the market. Check for the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer or similar options. Don’t miss on checking the reviews from experts and users, which can give a fair idea of the overall services.
  • Make sure that you consider the type of cleaning required frequently before choosing a model. For example, some pools are prone to large debris like leaves, while others are prone to dirt and sand.
  • If you have the time to clean the pool, a manual cleaner is a budget friendly choice. Manual cleaners work like vacuums and ensure that the debris and dirt is pulled out easily. For those who are a perfectionist and need regular checks, this is the best option.

  • The other two options are a suction side automatic cleaner and pressure-side pool cleaner. A pressure-side pool cleaner may or may not have a motor, but it remains one of the durable options on the block and is best suited for large debris. Suction cleaners are better for cleaning dirt and are cheaper in comparison.
  • If you have the money to spare, make sure to check the robotic cleaners, which are expensive but do the complete cleaning in no time. There is no need to spend time and money on cleaning services, because the machine will also check and complete scrubbing and polishing of walls and floors.
  • One of the new but better options is a solar-powered cleaner. Solar cleaners are expensive, but are great for there is no dependency on electricity. Keep in mind that this option will not clean the floor of the pool, for which other options must be checked.
  • Finally, do check websites like poolurchin.com, where you will find reviews of known models. You will also find a lot of detailed aspects about choosing cleaners, which can come handy.

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Author Bio – Silke Gebauer is the founder of poolurchin.com. Silke loved holding her breath under water and jumping from diving boards before she could swim properly, which is how she got her nickname Poolurchin. She still loves exploring and blogging about anything water and pool related.