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Seven Home Renovation Surprises to Watch Out For

Nobody can tell you what might go wrong on your renovation project; however, you do not have to see into the future to be ready for surprises along the way. Having a 5% to 20% contingency fund can go a long way to dealing with financial setbacks. Also it’s important to know a number of the discoveries which add unexpected costs to a remodeling project.

Structural Flaws

Usually, these cannot be seen until the completion of the demolition but there are clues to look for including crooked door jambs, setting floors and cracks. In case you see this, make adjustments to your contingency fund accordingly.


Asbestos remediation must be done properly and professionally. You should not take this as a DIY project. You need to work with an abatement contractor to eliminate the material and provide a report of an air test which proves the air has no fibers. If this is not in your budget try to cut the budget somewhere else.

Undependable Contractors

Make sure you do your homework and check references before giving anybody a deposit.  If you have to walk away from a contractor or that deposit walks away, you either have a decreased project budget or a trip to court ahead of you.


Ignore Permits

Every permit costs money and it does not guarantee that the job will be properly done. This depends upon your renovation contractors in Arlington, TN. However, if you work without a permit, the building inspector will be less inclined to work with you and you may need to pay fines. Understand that building codes aren’t black and white, particularly in terms of remodeling. Make sure you work with a building instructor who will be on your side.


Termites will follow wherever there is water. If you are in an area that has termites, the water which infiltrates your wall is expected to bring termites into the floor joists and walls. To correct this issue in a finished space, you may need to complete remodeling of that part of your home. Do not expect that the termite inspection carried out when you purchased the house would be the last one.

Water Damage

What might just look like a brown spot on your ceiling could actually be a moldy roof, wall sheathing and rotted rafters. And what you thought was a repair job becomes an environmental hazard which requires new sheathing, new siding and a new roof.


Property Disputes

Before adding on to your home, even if it’s just a simple fence, ensure you own the property you are building on and you adhere to set back laws as well as zoning code stipulations.  If not, it is costly to undo a mistake when discovered. For instance, if you build a new kitchen about 7 inches on the wrong side of the property line, you might have to tear down that kitchen if your neighbor finds out. Such disputes can get ugly. Hire a professional to review the deeds and make sure you submit site plans to the local zoning board to get reviewed.