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Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Like it or not, the bathroom is perhaps one of the most important rooms in every house. It is the only place from where most illnesses are contracted since multiple people tend to use them. Therefore, it is imperative that the bathroom is kept clean.

Since Nestaway has made the process of finding your dream home considerably easier with its app-based service even if you’re looking for a flat for rent in Sector 137 Noida, the onus lies on you keep yourself and your roommates in clean surroundings.

Some of the ways you can keep your bathroom clean are listed below, they are not all simple and may take a lot of time. looking for apartments or Pgs was not simple and easy before apps like Nestaway were created, thanks to apps like these searching for Pgs in sector 137 Noida is no longer a difficult and time consuming experience.

Moisture control

Most of the water usage in a home is in the bathroom. So, moisture will always be present there. However, moisture is also the perfect foil for infectious bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive in. Therefore, the moisture content in a bathroom must be regulated. Just a few minutes of wiping down the shower curtains and cabinets every day with a sponge can reduce a lot of work in the long run. Also, turning the exhaust fan on or cracking the window a little can help in reducing the watervapour content in the atmosphere, makes the entire room clean and comparatively devoid of moisture.

Use a water repellant

You can also coat the entirety of your bathroom surfaces with a water repellent so that the surfaces do not spoil due to moisture. This includes even doors and windows and helps while scrubbing down these surfaces on a later date. The repellent does not let minerals, soap scum or water adhere to the surface.

Use a hands-free soap dispenser

Most people tend to keep a bar of soap on the wash basin for washing hands. This should be replaced with pumped liquid soap or even a hands-free dispenser. The soap bar kept on the basin can turn grimy due to the accumulation of dirt and dirty the place where it is kept.

Empty trash cans

The trash can in the bathroom is usually ignored until it is filled, unlike the others which are kept outside. However, most of the bathroom trash is moist, and the unclean environment in the trash can facilitates the growth of bacteria. So, always remember to empty the trash can in the bathroom every day.

Clean wooden surfaces

Extra care must be taken to clean wooden surfaces, especially those present in the bathrooms. Wood rots quickly under moisture and may even get detached from the structure as the disintegration increases. Always keep a dry sponge close by so that you can clean the wooden surfaces of moisture right after you have finished using it. This not only prevents the growth of bacteria but also makes the surface last longer without damage.

Dry towels are the best

Towels usually absorb much of the moisture in a bathroom, but most of us tend to ignore them until they get too wet to use. However, drying the towels every day can prevent mildew accumulation and keep the towels clean.

Apartments, flats and even independent houses for rent in Sector 137 Noida are available for rent and finding one using the Nestaway app is simple and saves time. Now that the harder part of finding a new home is taken care of, it is your responsibility to maintain it well!