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All You Need to Know About the Motor Speed of a Four Blade Ceiling Fan

From traditional ones to an ultra-modern sensor controlled the era of ceiling fans have changed rapidly. Ceiling fans are one of the most preferred designs in the category of fans since these are available in the market in huge amount and are favored due to their powerful, quality and reliable performance. The high-speed 4 Blade Ceiling Fans are designed for the domestic usage. There is a minimal addition to the electricity bills since the models of a Four Blade Ceiling fan consumes very less power.


The Four Blade Ceiling Fan comes in different colors that are suitable for home as well as office uses. The body of the fan is scratch resistant and rust proof since it is coated for a smooth shiny and elegant look, thereby ensuring durability. It also has a smart and simple look which appeals the buyer.

Type and Function

The motor of High-speed Four Blade Ceiling Fan is comprised of heavy duty ball bearing for smooth running. The best advantage is that these fans consume very low power which is around 55 watts/ hour thus making it cheap for the buyers. Normally, the fans sweep at 900 mm and with the powerful air delivery of 170 cm and a motor speed of 375 rpm they are one of its kind. This not only helps in circulating air evenly all across the room but also helps in keeping it cool and makes the ventilation process easy. That’s why they are preferred for both office and home usage.

Specification of Four Blade Ceiling Fan

The well balanced four aluminum blades are designed for refreshing air can give you relief from the harsh heat in summers. Some of the general features include:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Power Consumption: 55 to 70 watts as per the motor capacity
  • Motor Speed: 375 to 450 rpm
  • Sweep Speed: 900-1000 mm
  • The Minimum Thickness of Fan Blades can be not less than 1/8″ thick.
  • Less noise than traditional 3 blade ones.

Type of Motors used in Ceiling Fans

Single phase induction motor

Single phase induction motors (also known as split phase induction motor) are required in four blade ceiling fans due to their easy handling and also their simple design, low cost, and high efficiency. Single phase motor is the economical choice for both office and house spaces as thepower output of loaded supplies are small.

Working of Induction Motor

The Four Blade Ceiling fans typically work on induction motors that convert electric energy into mechanical energy. The current powers the motor and makes its way towards the coil which is wrapped around a metal base. While the current conducts through the wire, a magnetic field is generated which exerts force in a clockwise motion that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. For this action, the motor coil begins to rotate and the fan blades are inclined into a specific angle so that the fan doesn’t wobble in high speeds.

Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Today Companies like Atomberg, Havells and many other have designed such Fans which are controlled by Remote Sensors due to which the speed of the motors can be controlled automatically. Remote Control Ceiling Fans have made life easier since along with the speed, one can also turn the fan on or off without even moving from their position from anywhere inside a room.

Therefore, companies such as Havells, Atomberg, and Crompton are now selling the Four Blade Ceiling Fan which has very high-speed motor with an average high speed of 350 rpm. The RPMs allowed for any residential ceiling fan that can be installed on a ceiling less than 10 feet high are restricted by UL based on the thickness of the blades and the blade span. Check this site for the best four blade ceiling fans.