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Your Guide For Finding A Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpeting can protect the flooring of your house and can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the interiors. The only issue with carpets is maintenance. Despite trying the best things at your end, you may find the need for professional cleaning. Many companies offer carpet cleaning Edwardsville KS, but not all are the same. Below are the important things that you must check before choosing a service.

Review the basics

A carpet cleaning service should be licensed and insured. You also need to see if the company’s technicians are certified by Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. IICRC is the most reputable school in the industry, and the experts certified by them are always reliable. Also, some services sell their jobs to subcontractors for a small commission. To avoid such traps, always check if the company has a registered office and a working phone number. Before hiring a service for the first time, you might want to visit their office.

Experience and reviews

Apart from training, carpet cleaners need to be experienced, as well. How long has the company been in business? What kind of feedback have they received from customers on an average? Will they offer client references, if requested? You can find reviews of such services on various social media sites and search engines, and also on the official site of the concerned company. Ask your friends and neighbors if they can offer any reliable references.


Many companies lure customers with attractive discounts. While rebates are always welcome, you might want to think about a price that sounds too good to be true. Carpet cleaners spend their time, supplies and resources for every job, and the discounts can only make sense to a certain extent. It is always advisable to choose a service that’s reliable, well-known and enjoys credible reviews from customers. Before you make the final choice, ask for an estimate for the entire work with a deadline.

Cleaning techniques

IICRC has mentioned five basic principles for cleaning carpets. The first one is dry soil removal, which involves vacuuming. The second one is known as soil suspension, which is cleaned using pre-treatment agents, while the third principle is called soil extraction. The final two are known as grooming and drying. Make sure that the company you choose follows the steps as mentioned and offers complete details of the cleaning agents used.

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