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Why You Might Consider Purchasing an Air Filter for your House

Your home should be your most comfortable space. One of the things that contribute to this is clean air. If you have allergies, you know how annoying it is to be around unclean air that makes you sneeze all the time. Additionally, regardless of whether you have allergies or not, unclean air is harmful to your health. To avoid all these problems, you can install an air filter in your home.

Benefits of Air Filters at Home
– People with allergies or breathing problems such as asthma can be more comfortable with air filters. You will be free from all the sneezing and chest blockage caused by contaminants in the air.
– Cigarette smoke can make some uncomfortable and it may linger in the house. Installing an air filter can remove the odor and also make the environment comfortable for those who are affected by the smoke. It will also reduce the risk of non-smokers getting lung cancer due to inhaling the smoke.
– Eliminates the need to clean your home all the time if you have visitors frequently or if there are many people living in the house. People constantly coming in and out of the house can bring in dust or air borne viruses. Air filters can remove most of these and reduce the risk of you getting ill
– It helps eliminate animal dander from pets. Hence, if you have been avoiding keeping pets due to accumulation of dander on the vents, you can confidently buy them after installing an air filter.
– It reduces your electricity bill since it reduces the amount of work your HVAC unit will have to do.

Qualities of Good Air Filters
1. High MERV Rating
MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The ratings range between 1 and 16. The higher the MERV rating the high the quality of the air filter. For homes, air filters with ratings of 8 and above are recommended. They may be more costly than those with a lower rating but in the long run, they are cheaper since you will not have to replace them often and they are very efficient. At clearairclub.com, you will see some of the factors that will help you determine what type of air filter to install in your home.

2. Micron Rating
Some air filters are able to eliminate large particles of dust and not smaller particles while other air filters are able to eliminate small dust particles and not the large ones. You need to know the type of environment you live in so that you know what type of air filter to choose. Smaller dust particles are usually the most harmful. Although dust particles are eliminated by the air filter, you still need to dust your house.

3. Type of Air Filter
Fiberglass air filters are cheaper and have a MERV rating that ranges between 1 and 4. They usually have a flat surface. Pleated air filters have a MERV rating that ranges between 10 and 13 and they are more efficient than those made of fiberglass. This is because the pleats create a large surface area that allows a lot of particles to be trapped.